Hearts, Diamonds…Trumps

Posted on Nov 11, 2013 by in Letters

We are flooded with opinion and BS from professionals, amateurs, market manipulators and worst of all the talking heads on Marketwatch.  These are all carrying signs that say the sky is about to fall, or the world as we know it (twawki) is about to end.  The ignorance of these people is unfathomable.  And yes there are signs of froth.  The IPO thieves are gleefully fleecing the public with earnings free companies and shameless hype.  The price of farmland is going parabolic.  The art market is treating prices like monopoly money.  The NYSE  advance/decline line is looking like 2007.  There is a distressing diminishment in the number of solar flares.  The Giants got their butts kicked.  The 49ers looked like Harvard playing Carolina.

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