Dentistry for chickens…


Chicken dentistry ranks among the most difficult of the medical arts.  If the chicken is not hard to catch in the first place (being often in a hot sweat panic about the sky) he is, in the second place not possessed of any teeth to pull.  A conundrum not unlike our present market which we have compared to pulling chickens’ teeth.  Each time the SPX threatens to make a definitive new high the chicken hawks knock it down.  BUT … there is a new high for our purposes, made two days ago, preserving the higher highs higher lows pattern.  Of course it would be  a pain in the teeth (ours, not the chickens’) if we had a downwave here but the theoretical niceties are at least in line.  What we are waiting for now is confirmation.

While we wait there are a couple of sector ETFs worth investment:  XLU and XLV.  Utilities and healthcare.


Clear breakout with good base.  What’s not to like?


Being as the healthcare industry has a monopoly and a license to rape pillage and plunder worth looking at.  Always a good bet to back pillage and plunder.  And hope that the brigands reap their just karma in the next world.

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  1. thoughtslinger

    As of 1 pm ET today Friday Feb 28, it seems as if some capon exodontia has been performed. Possibly looking at a power bar. Are we adding to our position today, most sagacious guru?

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