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Pilgrims, Washington, Lincoln, and gratitude…

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In 1863 in the midst of a Civil War even more vicious than that in which we are now involved Lincoln formalized Thanksgiving as a national holiday.  He was institutionalizing the holiday proclaimed by Washington, and before him by the Pilgrims.  The Pilgrims were giving thanks for being alive.  Lincoln was giving thanks for the nation’s being alive.  Washington with his unerring instinct for the right thing was giving thanks for the birth of the nation.

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Technical stuff

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It is gratifyig to have intelligent and alert readers.  One of whom looked at the above chart and said, isn’t this a broadending pattern?   Broadening patterns have large implications and are usually top formations.  Here is a chart of the 2000 top — a broadening formation which turned into a diamond.

96.1CHART4DOWdiamond copy 2

(p.133, 10th edition)

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Europeans mistake SPX for comet. Land spacecraft Philae on Issue…orbit to 3365??!?

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As the official potifex maximus of the rule of seven mystery we looked at the recent wave and came to the conclusion that we are at the beginning, not the end.  This is occasioned by the sell-off of October.  When the technician detects the beginning of a new wave he may  attempt to gauge the eventual target of the wave by applying the rule of seven ( ).

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