Peggy says is that all there is???? yes besides the Foodbank….






Every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas we donate to the San Francisco Marin Foodbank.  You should do the same in your own area.

If you missed Peggy Lee’s song — Is that all there is? — you missed the theme song for the raising of rates by the Fed.  There were no cataclysms; no market implosions; no chasms opened in the earth (except for the one that swallowed that simple little merde Shkreli).

As illustrated above the a-b-g trendline is broken by a zeta wave.  We have almost zero confidence in this pattern.  For one reason over some 30 trading days the market has only once put together two advancing days.  Welcome to the contrarians’ dream market.

We are still bouncing about in the box and don’t expect to see normal risks and volatility until prices have cleared the box.


Notice the dramatic illustration of the end of the bull market rise followed by the top.  Is that all there is of top?  Right now we would say probably so and we are waiting to clear the topping zone and expect to see new more and better bull market thereafter.



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