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Triangle with a silver lining…

Posted on Apr 22, 2018 by .

0 The measuring implications of the triangle appear to have been frustrated and we can expect trends to be short and not sweet –like that just finished–13 days. We think the market is setting up for an extended period of sideways volatile trading.  This is to set up a resumption of the bull market.  In […]

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Mixed signals: Dow Theory sell. Magee BPs hold. 49ers punt…

Posted on Apr 12, 2018 by .

0 There it is.  Clear as mud.  Why do people say that anyway?  Mud is not clear to us.  We always wallow in it until we make some sense of it.  Clearly there is a lot of mud going on here, and with a crystal ball and a marijuana stock (or a stock of mary […]

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Still under the influence of the triangle…

Posted on Apr 01, 2018 by .

0 The interesting thing (and the maddening one) is that the present formation can be looked at from several viewpoints — none of them encouraging.  There is a clear triangle whose interpretation would point toward a target of 2192 and whose implication is bearish.  And there is another interpretation — that we are in a […]

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