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Still damned if you do, damned…

Posted on Jan 28, 2019 by .

0 As we wrote last week, we dipped a tiny toe into the market  while repeating our mantra:  if this doesn’t work we’ll run for it.  Well, we did run for it. This in spite of technical tools which point to higher prices.  If we ran a rule-of-seven analysis ( on this wave we would […]

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The present state of the market…

Posted on Jan 19, 2019 by .

0 It is interesting to note that during the recent sell-off prices did not take out the very strong and long P&F trendline.  We won’t go into the niceties of P&F charting except to say that trendlines have the same import as  bar chart trendlines.  In fact it might be said they are marginally […]

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Safe to go in the water? with a toe maybe…

Posted on Jan 08, 2019 by .

0 When there is a question about whether  you should jump in the water you respond by taking the amount of capital you intend to commit over the long run and dividing it into tranches –3 to 5 pieces depending on the state of the market and the general economic situation.  When the downside […]

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The ominous…

Posted on Jan 03, 2019 by .

0  Ten years of the market, weekly bars.  A year ago at an AAPTA meeting  we told professional technical analysts that we wouldn’t have a bear market until the long term trendline was broken.  As seen below prices have (so far) bounced off the long term trendline. While it might provoke short term […]

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