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posted March 14 "Honk Honk Quack Quack"

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April 4 2008 Never be in a hurry to do something stupid. Lee Richartz

The geese are flying back north, the chickens are coming home to roost and the traders are feeling their oats and the pundits are saying buy buy buy and the chart is saying, what me worry? --or actually that was Alfred E. Bush. The chart is saying this is all a bunch of sideways stuff. To belabor the obvious all points after 4 (.1,.2 etc) are between 3 (low) and 4. By definition a trading range with a bearish bent. Any more questions? Good.

March 28 2008 Dow 16000? Flying-Vampire Pigs, Levitating pundits.... Random egg attacks.

Note "A low" and "B low". If this yearlong formation is a massive top (perhaps a double headed head and shoulders) and A low is its lower boundary then a low of 9680 is predicted. If B low is the defining point the predicted low is 10836. Remember Nils Bohr and the difficulty of forecasting. Again, it is not necessary to believe this scenario to know how to bet. The Dow is in a six month downtrend, the last 2 1/2 months of which are sideways, with lower highs in the sidetrend.

Best illustrated here in the DIA. The utter yapping chorus of opinions as to bull or bear market is an indicator of the confused state of the markets. Frankly we are amazed that anyone would open his mouth with the van Allen belt of flying eggs waiting to land on the face of anyone making confident forecasts at this point. The most you can say is what we said above, and we say it again. That's our story, and we're sticking to it.

Mark Hulbert says Richard Band is predicting a 16000 Dow. Watch out for low flying eggs.