Dow teeters on edge. Bottom fishers catch deadcat fish?

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Dead cat.  Get it?  The dead cat bounce is over and the market is now the site of a tug of war between bottom fishers and paniced sellers.  As there is no clear signal the way to stay is short (if you were already short) or out.  New shorts or longs or anything at this point is just cruising for a bruising if you are an investor.  Stocks are cheap?  What makes you think that?  the P/E ratios are still historically high even at the sold off prices.  Mark Hulbert at has a useful column on this subject.

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Perverser and perverser. Gold teeters on edge (or over edge)

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There are two stop points here, one is 3% under the September low, at 70.33 (on close) and the other is 5% under it, 68.88. If GLD does not hold here at these stops we will be out and waiting until a confirmed uptrend begins.

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Gold perversities

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In the wreckage of the carnage. Buy? Sell? Put head in sand?

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Is this the end of the beginning?  The beginning of the middle? The end of the end?  The middle of the end?  No one knows.

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One historic move after another. Dow suffers second biggest drop in history.

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Surprise.  Surprise.  Surprise.  Enough already.  Second biggest drop of Dow in history.

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