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Explosion occurs…as predicted

Posted on May 09, 2015 by .





Drawing the lines through the closes allows us to get a clearer picture of what the market has been up to for the past few months — as we have remarked, more than likely an ascending triangle.  In spite of a gusher day Friday price has not exited the pattern yet and has not broken to a new high — meaning contrarians could jump on it Monday and take back those beautiful points which were so well deserved Friday.

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Observing the 150th anniversary of Lee’s surrender to Grant at Appomattox

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Lee, a man of generous spirit, resisted the efforts of some of his officers to continue the struggle with guerilla warfare.    It didn’t make that much difference of course.  President Johnson gutted  Northern efforts to reform the South and southern civilians continued the struggle until 1965.

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Perfect storm…

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While the result is nothing rare, (an expected downwave to curb a 37+ day surge) the violence of its accomplishment was notable — sort of like a pefect storm at sea which sinks small boats at random.  ”

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