Speaking of commodities…

Here is an issue that is shaping up as a Kilroy (H&S) Bottom.  The book says you shouldn’t buy this until it breaks the horizontal line, but we were always getting into trouble for coloring outside the lines.  In fact we were always in trouble period for breaking rules.  We bought some ourselves, based on the pattern and the recent volume and the power bar.



DAG.  Looks interesting.  Scale in.

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  1. jrichardson618@gmail.com

    May I ask…what is the power bar? I’m not familiar with that term.


    Jeff Richardson

  2. WHC Bassetti

    It’s a candy bar. Also per the Bassetti of Edwards Magee & Bassetti it is a long powerful white candlestick across a signal line.

  3. WHC Bassetti

    power bar is difficult to see on this chart. try it on prophet.net or a bigger chart.

  4. jrichardson618@gmail.com

    Thanks very much!

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