Copper the public’s bets…



You look at copper (PCU) and oil (USO) and you have to think that someone thinks the economic meltdown is melting up.  A whole host of ETFs have broken out and are trending nicely — many of which we have remarked.  When entering trends like these when they are in full flower special care is required.  I.e., small trade sizes.  Along with the rest of the world we have been waiting for the correction, pull back, crash, downwave and it is certainly overdue.  In the meantime you have to act –and trade –like the bulll market is on.  But with special alertness and carefully calculated stops.  For long term trenders this means examining the issue in question and determining if the Basing Point stops are too wide.  Perhaps a stop based on twice the ATR would be better, and certainly if there are daily signals those must be observed (1 day reversals, power bars down, death gap).  These questions and techniques are discussed in StairStops and in the 9th edition and we will shortly be publishing shorter treatises on these subjects.

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