GLD. Time to speculate?

Today’s power bar has lured us into a trade on gold.  This is speculative territory.  While the bar is outside the downtrend line the pattern is not by any means a perfect alpha-beta-gamma pattern, and more prudent traders and investors will wait until the horizontal line is pierced on strength.  And even more prudent traders will wait till a new high is made.

But straining for gnats, there is the little island bar there, and besides that we’re tired of 2000 era bubbles like Linkedin, which annoys us constantly with messages.  We hope for an opportunity to short it.  Our readers, students of tulipomania and herd behavior will recognize Linkedin, Facebook, and their ilk as invitations to join the lemmings and rush to the beach (by way of the cliff).

Rejoice!  the roaring  ’90s are back!

Oh, and by the way, if the world ends today you can count on us to report on it.  There is a division of opinion as to whether the rapture should be played long or short.  We’re for short.

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