Pay attention. Near 3% day in the SPX

A near 3% day in the S&P will tend to get your attention.  It got ours and we lifted our trading hedge, leaving us long the SPX. The downwave –up to now — didn’t trip the stop at 1131.

Trends start often with an explosion — especially in these markets.  so aggressive traders might be buying — as we did. Traders not suffering from ADD might want to wait and see if there is an alpha-beta-gamma pattern here ( ).  That is the conservative thing to do.

We have watched with interest as the pundit-o-sphere has pulled all the old chestnuts out of the fire — the November-December Santa Claus rally, etc etc etc.  We ignore all these things, except when we’re looking for a laugh.  This time it’s different is our motto.  It’s always different.  Just listen to Ram Dass — be here now.  Unless you need to get down to your local Occupy (fill in blank) Wall Street, local pub, football game, riot, 1% meeting…whatever.

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