SPX looks set to nose over recent highs…



Literally  a nose to supersede three important wave highs:  2080, 2104, 2116, labeled on the chart as a,b,c.  Distance is less than a nose: .015, .026, .o32.  When the last of these is taken out the entire structure of the market will be changed — actually in quite a dramatic fashion. The downtrend that started in November will be canceled and we should be looking at the beginning of a new upwave — probably of some consequence.

In fact the PnF  system looks for a target of 2189.



As if didn’t look like spring, note the volume on Friday on the first chart.  Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer…

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  1. thoughtslinger

    In the interests of trying to keep things simple at a time when charts are hard to read… wondering if you see what I see which is an incipient inverted head & shoulders formation in SLV? (from July 2015)

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