Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…





Every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas we make a donation to the local foodbank.  We suggest to our readers that they do the same.  Hunger is never attractive, but it is especially distressing at these seasons.

Here is a link to take you to the central foodbank:




9 days of lower closes? The beginning of the end?  The end of the beginning?  Pre-election jitters?

Given that contrarians still have firm control of the market we expect that they will take their short profits and go long when they reach a point where they think the market oversold, and we suspect that point is not far off.  It works out to the ususal tactic:  waiting.  Adroit and experienced traders might be able to hedge and play the waves  but that’s a high risk tactic.  Just be patient.  Enjoy the election and wait for clear signals.






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