Morgan Stanley compares Trump to Schrodinger’s cat…


Morgan Stanley has pointed out that no one knows anything about Trump’s policies.  And they have emphasized the condition by comparing Trump’s policies to Schrodinger’s cat.  “His policies exist in a state of being both pragmatic and radical at the same time”.   Schrodinger’s cat appeared in a thought experiment by Schrodinger used to point out the problems  with the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, which created  the paradox of a cat who was both alive and dead.  Never mind.  Just accept it unless you are up for a Phd in physics.  As for the present market and Trump’s policies, astrology is probably a better tool.

In a prevous recent letter we pictured what happened when the market feared the election of Trump.  The market got over it pretty fast and blew away upside.  In a world where the cat would have been safe these are strong buy signals.  We shall see.  It was certainly not a buy signals for bonds which have been slaughtered like baby seals.


Volume and power bars here are strong sell signals.

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