Market moving at turtle speed (that’s ok. It’s moving in the right direction)

All we see are blue skies, smiling at me nothing but blue skies… etc etc…  We did some noodling with where stops should be.  On this chart they are not precisely located.  But we thought about short term (2199) and long term  (1871)  stops.  Everybody know that wide long term stops are the most productive, but if the prospect of Jaba the Trump makes you nervous you can always scurry around and bail on the tight stops.  But in truth this smells like a new bull market.  We are by no means all in at this point –but we suddenly saw our equity wake up after a rip-van-winkle sleep. Coud the picture be any clearer here?  Sell off to chase out the nervous, extended sideways price movement to determine who is really worthy and then a breakout and run.  If you have doubted our previous letters here is a chance to scale in.  We are supplying stops for several major  markets:

For the Qs tight stops are 109.76 and wider long term 94.94.

For the DJI:

Tight stops: 19301, wide 18513.

These stops are calculated using basing points and may seem wide, but we are in a new epoch.

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