How to boil a frog…

There are many people who are unaware of how to boil a frog.  Some try to boil a pot of water and throw the frog in.  Frogs resist this method, jumping out of the pot.  But if you put the frog in before bringing the water to a boil the frog will luxuriate in the hot tub until he is ready to join the dinner menu (with a petit chablis).   Note that the Dow broke another milestone–23000.  Market frogs who are trading their opinions and watching their shorts accumulate losses as the water gets hotter.  The financial press is full of  “indicators which predict a 1987 meltdown” and the greatest bear market of our life time…blah blah blah

When you hear this b.s. just look at the chart.


The chart of the INDU above says it all about this market.  Just  remember that virtually every step of the way the bears have warned of the coming crash.  Of course there is a correction coming.  None of the talking heads has any idea when and why.  And there is no indicator which gives warning.  The warning will be the price going down.

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