Food bank time in a time of madness…

If you can’t smell danger you’re not listening (or smelling).  Bitcoin goes to $15000, a crazy tax bill pokes its head up (like the monster from the black lagoon), Trump sets the mideast on fire…Name your poison.

The last few days have improved the market with the little pause in the climb.  Round and round it goes and where it stops nobody knows.  Readers should be aware that contrarians are in control of the market, but struggling mightily against the continuing bull market.  Note the elevated volume in the latest phase.  Volume drives prices.  Higher volume, higher prices.  If you hate the heat you can always buy a put.  As for us we will just get our fingers burned if a fire starts.   At Christmas time we donate to the local food bank because it pains us to think of children going to bed hungry.  What a country.  Click the link and donate.

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