Belaboring the obvious…

At the risk of being repetitive — or of being thought a nag —  we offer a modest update on the ongoing sell off in the market.  It is not over and is unlikely to be over soon.  We shared our tactic of scaling out on the scale down when the market broke.  This tactic has allowed  us to preserve the great majority of our capital.  Though mightily tempted to try to catch the falling knife.  We now think that if ever there were a time to avoid the knife this is it.  Quite possibly this is the unique sell off not just of this market, but of all markets.

Attempting to profit from this carnage could be deeply injurious.  Just attempt to stay alive to fight another day.

We will soon be discussing a low risk way to make a bet on this market, on the long side.  In the meantime patience is the most useful characteristic in this time.



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