Buying signals…

The market is showing all the signs of breakout.  Here in the SPX it looks like we are seeing a stong zeta wave breaking the downtrend line.  We added to our position.

Individual issues are showing the same kind of pattern, and we see AAPL, MSFT, and AMZN (among many others) as buyable issues.   While SPX etfs should probably be managed with a Basing Point stop we would put a stop 5% under the nearby low on these individual issues, (some of which we bought).

Now some non technical thoughts.  As we see it right now the main risk in the market and the main source of volatility is our beloved president, Donald J. Trump.  He has just backed off his threat to tariff the Mexican border which would most certainly have tubed the economy.  Now he is posing as the hero who solved the problem.  As someone said it’s like an arsonist putting out the blaze he started.  We will have more of this –at present we see this a a Trump roller coaster we have to bear for being long term investors.  Attempting to catch or hedge each wave leads to madness if not acute anxiety and decreased performance.

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