More of the same with enticing market movement…

Posted on Mar 25, 2020 by .

0 Tuesday’s historic upday tempts the investor.  Couldn’t that be the turn around day?   A gap and a powerful white candlestick bar.  Some aggressive traders might even choose this as an entry signal.  As a hindrance to that trade is  the shape of today’s bar–with a long upper shadow and a closebelow the middle of […]

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Greased pig…

Posted on Mar 16, 2020 by .

0 Friday we started to write a letter reflecting the (relatively) rocket up day–then  wisely stepped back–lest a positive letter encourage readers to step into a trap.  And that proved to be the case.  Friday’s rocket blew up Monday with a plunge of historic dimension.  The entire picture is above and the details are here […]

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Bungee markets…

Posted on Mar 09, 2020 by .

0 The markets now are like the carona virus  pandemic: nobody knows what infects them and what to do about it.  Our analyses may be of some effectiveness here–just as an experienced doctor sees things the uneducated do not.  Thus we have fit a market break model to the bizarre events of the last several […]

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Catch a falling knife…

Posted on Feb 27, 2020 by .

0 Traders and pros joke among themselves about catching a falling knife in markets like the present — where the market is in freefall and there appears a rich reward for those who catch the bottom and profit from the bounce. Obviously the saying is highlighting the risk that exists when you try to catch […]

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Long term stops…

Posted on Feb 23, 2020 by .

0 The market last week showed some signs of toppiness, including  a down gap (see below).  The overall context as seen here is still quite bullish, but the time to plan for trouble is before it starts.  This being the case a conservative stop is set at 3084. Of course tighter stops  can be set […]

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