Long term stops…

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The market last week showed some signs of toppiness, including  a down gap (see below).  The overall context as seen here is still quite bullish, but the time to plan for trouble is before it starts.  This being the case a conservative stop is set at 3084.

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What is it? Good question…

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Wyckoff analysts will immediately see the possibility that the present wave (74 days) may be what Wyckoff called “UTAD”  or upthrust after disstribution.  And that is entirely possible.  Or it might be just an everyday blow-off.  Whatever it is it appears to us  to be laden with danger and volatility.  Of course the talking heads and pundits have been howling for a bear market or severe correction during this entire episode.

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If you don’t like the weather…

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Mark Twain once remarked in San Francisco: If you don’t like the weather wait a minute.  We thought of that when we started analyzing the present market.  That is-if you don’t like the market…  That has been true for some weeks now.

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Have yourself a merry little …

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A very short story vividly illustrated here:  The market is melting up.


The melt-up is appearing in important stocks also.  Especially in AMZN.  The AMZN signal is dramatic enough to move us to enter buy orders.

NEVER TOO LATE:  Every year at Christmas and Thanksgiving we donate to our local food bank.  We recommend that our readers do it also.

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Thanksgiving well earned…

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As we have been pointing out for some time the PnF system has been strongly long with a target of 3959.

Looking at sectors of the market reveals the pillars supporting that target.

The SPX is riding a wave of (m/l) 37 days,  as is the CompQ.

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