Probing new territory…

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This is such a beautiful chart, with such long term meaning that we have to show it.  20349 targeted in the Indu.  What gives this credence is the months and moths of tedium as the market backed and filled and fizzled and failed.  The market doesn’t just do that  to test investor faith.  It does it to build a platform for the next advance.  Being coy the market always tries to leave room for doubt so that only the true of heart are able to reap the rewards of faith virtue and loyalty.  (Sorry.  Got carried away there.)

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Breaking away…

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Not much debateable here.   All the indices are breaking to new highs.


The spx, similarly, breaking away.


And the qs.  Everywhere you look there are buying signals.  We are in.

What does it mean?  Well one thing it means is illuminated by the PnF chart:

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Silver bullet…

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We recognize the cognative dissonance involved in being loud deniers of  forecasting and predicting on the one hand — and using the PnF system as a crystal ball (something of an exaggeration) on the other.  Well, you have to predict the future some way and this way is better than most.  And right now the system is looking for almost 2400.  We can believe that.  As they say, it might be fortune telling, but it’s our crystal ball.  Do not take any of this seriously.

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Silver rocket–Spx rocket–happy 4th…

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Good news or bad news?  Or no more news?  Silver breaks out — but it is now maybe, too hot to touch.  It has gone parabolic,  and you know what happens when an issue has gone parabolic.  In general they collapse and burn late buyers.  We will be watching silver this week to see whether to add-on or exit.  You can always buy and take your chances  — but you must stop it up tightly and watch it closely.  Of technical interest silver had three gaps before breaking out.  Then it had a breakaway gap and then a runaway gap — and went parabolic.

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OMG a piece of sky just hit us in the head…

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But nothing like what just hit David Cameron in the head…  When those pesky peasants revolt it creates all kind of problems for Oxbridge elites.  Thank god we don’t have problems like that here (not counting Trumps trumpkins…


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