Investors in Wonderland…

Posted on May 14, 2020 by .

0 There is a certain shape to most of the charts of the market.  Some individual charts show variations but withal market action has left behind similar tracks.  As follows: A long long upwave whicch terminated with one of the subtlest tops we have ever seen.  Followed by a Niagra falls and extremely violent conditions.  […]

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Rule of 7 to upside

Posted on May 03, 2020 by .


Just as the Rule of 7 aids in analyzing waves to the downside it can be used to analyze waves to the upside. In this particular case the wave targets calculated by the rule are by 1.40= 3600; by 1.75-3787; by 2.33 4081. We could go on, but it seems to us that the analysis […]

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Rule of 7 applied to present market…

Posted on Apr 27, 2020 by .

0 Our alpha beta zeta analysis entry point appears (so far)  to have been fruitful and well timed.  This pattern recognition and analysis are wholly of our own creation.  We say this in order to say that it is our practice (and of most of the technical community) to acknowledge the work and tools of […]

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Z wave penetrates trendline…

Posted on Apr 06, 2020 by .

0 The stories here are pretty clear:  the zeta wave has rocketed across the trendline –a clear buy signal.  And bulging volume records changing ownership of shares — what many technicians would consider as stocks moving from weak to strong hands.  Whatever, it is in concert with the zeta wave. We would be astounded if […]

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An understandable wave structure…

Posted on Mar 29, 2020 by .

0 This chart is beginning to make sense to us–that is you can see alpha and other waves. The present wave (of  6 bars) actually could be a zeta wave.  We should all remember the craziness of the immediate situation, so the dependability of the wave and the trendline is to be proven– but as […]

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