I analyze the markets on a regular basis using the methodology originally articulated by Robert D. Edwards and John Magee in Technical Analysis of Stock Trends and augment this method with more than 40 years of experience in trading and managing capital.

I do not sell “products.” I offer tools, analysis and education.

My most important tools are the time binding works of our predecessors as updated and modified by myself: the books and works of Edwards and Magee, and my own books. Supplementing these books are my market letters, published on a regular basis and as the markets warrant.

These fall into three categories: Weekly Letters, Monthly Letters issued as the situation requires and Major Turning Points Letters which since 1999 have appeared three times. Major Turning Points Letters are written when the markets evince a major change of direction. My first Major Turning Points Letter, in June of 1999, accurately described the next 22 months of the Dow as a large “line” or trading range.

Thereafter the Weekly Letters correctly identified tops and bottoms of the range for the benefit of traders shorting and longing that range.

My Monthly Letters take a longer perspective than the Weekly Letters and a shorter perspective than the Major Turning Points Letters. Originally I thought that the Major Turning Points Letters would be of passing relevance. This has not proved to be true. They retain their importance up to the present because you cannot begin reading War and Peace in the middle. Investors and traders without this long term perspective can expect to find themselves in cul-de-sacs or at the mercy of the media –the worst of all fates.

In addition to my letters, I offer a series of seminars and courses at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. These are not regularly scheduled, but occur more or less on the following time frame: KKKK workshops are Saturday morning sessions where current markets and issues are discussed. No formal presentation is made. Professor Karnak answers questions.

A 2 1/2 day seminar titled “Technical Analysis of Stock Trends” is given several times a year. It is an intensive seminar and workshop with exercises and discourses and discussions illuminating the books and other non-published material. A fierce effort is made to reform the attendees.

Each year from May to August a formal graduate seminar, FI498S is given at Golden Gate University. Enrolled students may take the course for credit on their Masters and Ph.D. degrees, and the general public may audit the course. Auditors and students are treated the same.

I do not do hype. I do not do mumbo jumbo. I do not engage in aggressive self promotion. I tell the truth. I make honest errors. I attempt to not be misled by any man. My methods are not totally objective but experienced judgment is always operating.

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