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More fencing…ripostes in EEB, FXE, DIA, SPY, SLV, NYC, ETCETC

Posted on Feb 09, 2010 by .


Monday was an anomalous follow up to Friday’s hammer.  And it appeared that Friday was just a freak day sponsored by the put sellers.  But today, trading on news, the market appears to be following through on Friday’s pattern.  The news of course is that the Greeks are not going down.  So far.  So the […]

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The prevailing trend is up. Ignore the pundits, talking heads, columnists, analysts, blah blah blah

Posted on Nov 07, 2009 by .


Stop and think.  OK.  Now resume reading.  Who you gonna believe? The tag line of the joke in which the guy comes home and finds his wife in bed with his best friend.  His friend insists that it is an optical illusion and asks, who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes? Endless pundits, […]

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Bears on the prowl.

Posted on Oct 26, 2009 by .


The last few days there have been signs that the bears are on the prowl.  Wednesday in the last hour of trading (which is when the bears come out to play) the Dow dropped like it had stepped into an elevator shaft.  Today a promising rally (as we write this at 11am San Francisco time) […]

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