More of the same…  

You could cover up the name of the issue but there is a plethora of charts with the pattern of AAPL as shown above — particularly amongst large stocks.  (AMZN, GOOG…)  There may be an argument that the behemoths have driven prices  upwards of late and this is the chickens coming home to roost.  Quite possible, and we have virtually flattened our accounts, not liking the erratic volatility.  Yet signposts of a major market change — bull to bear are not seen.

Something is in the air– the waves at the end  (Oct 19-Oct 20) of the chart are growing stronger and longer and even violent (Feb-Apr 20).

Nonetheless the violent swings set up a breathtaking  range with wide goalposts before a new market could be proclaimed.

In the near future we will examine the broad market story.


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