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We make a practice of reporting all our trades to our readers.  This may not be a good idea as it might encourage foolish behavior on their part.  In our letters we clearly discriminate between trading tactics and investment tactics and recommend that our readers follow investment tactics.  We also — as in our recent letters about “lottery tickets” — identify potentially crazy and nutty ideas.  In line with this practice we scaled out of some GLD and SLV PFE (will someone remind us why we bought this?) doubled down on AIG and checked our Smith and Wesson .38 to see how many cartridges were in the magazine before playing our daily game of Russian roulette.  We are currently reading the popular Russian Fandorin thrillers by  Boris Akunin in which the characters play “American roulette”.  Given the games the Russians are currently playing Russian roulette seems more appropriate.  For your amusement in this vein “French leave”  (abandonment of ship in port) is known as “English leave” in French.  

This behavior is not as mad or zany as one might think.  A few wild gambles in a portfolio spice up a portfolio.  Just as long as they are small bets.


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    When I signed up for my subscription I was supposed to get a copy of the Technical Analysis of Stock Trends book – has not arrived yet – could you check on this for me?

    Hal Goldberg

  2. WHC Bassetti

    we’re embarrassed. A free copy of the new ebook (5 lessons) will be sent out to you as quickly as it is ready to atone for our inefficiency. Actually it’s the publisher’s fault. As you may or may not know almost all problems with the universe are the publisher’s fault.

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