Tracking Mark Hulbert tracking the trackers…

090807biduBIDU.  Really?  Mark Hulbert the very interesting and always entertaining columnist on Marketwatch remarks that his top performing advisors and letter writers are buying BIDU and the other stocks mentioned in this letter (which Mark Hulbert doesn’t track, but which our readers do track).  BIDU.  Would you?  Nu.

090807gdxGDX.  For 15 points?

090807fisvFISV.  Into resistance?  After a big run up?  And for 12 points?

090807valeVALE.  Some possibilities.

Investment success depends as much on what you don’t do as on what you do do. (Do whop, do whop)  Looking at these three years charts would give one pause before following those successful letter writers.  BIDU is approaching its all time heights after a powerful run, which is driven by the aftermath of the financial meltdown.  It looks awfully exposed to us and we see no reason why it should go to new highs.  Also we think the Chinese situation is much more fragile than admitted (just like our situation).  Pass.  Next candidate.

GDX.  Maybe 15 points in it if it went all the way, and it is nose up against resistance.  We would wait until it cleared the old highs.  You might wait forever — unless of course gold breaks out (also pretty unlikely at the moment).

FISV.  Also right against resistance and also limited capital gain possibilites — 12 points.  We heard you’re supposed to buy low and sell high.  This looks like buying high without much reason.

VALE.  At least looks like it has some possibilities to the upside, recently broke out and pulled back.  The only one we would consider buying.

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