More violence than The Girl Who Played with Fire…

Posted on Jul 17, 2010 by in Letters

Yesterday we pointed out that the upwave had ended and today the market wreaked vengeance on any traders who ignored that trendline.    It is entirely possible that we will see a violent downwave here, and if you are trading you should have used yesterday's power bar to get short, and the hourly chart to protect yourself.  As they say, never a dull moment.  The market mischief makers move the market so fast on the opening that you've been had before your get your eyes open or your first cup of coffee.  They make up for it blowing it away on the close.  What we ought to have is a 24 hour market so they couldn't mess with it like this.  In case you haven't heard they are planning that.  They are going to implement it right after they install the Congress that hasn't been bought and paid for.

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