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Year end review. Mostly good.

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As part of our year end review we present this table.  In the first three lines we see results of a letter written in the turbulence of August in which we pointed out that dividend stocks were good investments.  First line:  Symbol and dividend % in August.  2nd line: price of issue at time.  3rd line:  recent price.  Note: NONE of the stocks were at a loss.  Not to mention dividends collected in the meantime.  Not a bad strategy.  Especially when bonds and CDs were yielding zilch, and stocks were pitching about and in extreme volatility.

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Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Kool Kawanza.

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Happy Holidays and Prosperous New Year to all our esteemed readers.

We made a donation to our local Foodbank  and we encourage you to do the same. This link will help you find your local Foodbank.

Unless market events demand otherwise we will be posting our next letter at the end of next week as we prepare a wrap up letter for the year and consult our crystal ball for the new year.

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Interested in Interest rates? Better be.

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Any questions about where interest rates are heading?  If so these charts should answer them.  While the punditry and the media lie and misrepresent the chart tells the truth.  The long term trend lines are broken.  When you sit on positions in this situation you wind up being a major investor in Enron and WorldCom –or Bear Stearns.

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Illustrated the progressive stairstops in the DOW to the present with the latest stop noted.  10286.40.  Calculated from the   11/30 Basing Point at 6%.  While we think this a reasonable  protection the real indication of a major change of trend is the stop we have talked about for months, that is below this entire sidewave  particularly the weekly stop at 9343.xx.  But the other stops are certainly valid and good.  We like the SPX stops a little better, just because of the chart pattern:

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