Belaboring the obvious–downwave ends.

Power bars like this almost invariably mark the end of downwaves.  Meaning traders who are short will now see their profits eaten if they don’t reverse.  It is largely a futile exercise to ask why this is occurring.  It doesn’t matter why.  It’s technical.  The music stopped and the traders are running for chairs.  Shorts now will be left holding the old maid card.

The new high stop, which was tripped, if taken would argue that investors stand aside until the May-June high is taken out, or until (if bold) the alph-beta gamma pattern is complete.

It looks to us like trading markets for the foreseeable future.  We are bailing on silver, not  liking the trading pattern.  And once again we suspect the bonds (TLT) have topped and will post the chart shortly.  Note that we are on very short term rhythms here.  Investors would be well advised to let the snakes bite each other to death and remain above the Wall Street snake pit.  This may be done by observing the wave low Basing Points and stops of Variant 1.

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