On Paul Krugman’s blog (to which we sent a link earlier at the google group) we found not only Krugman’s chilling account of the possibility of the  end of the Greek adventure in the Euro, but also a video of the end of Wagner’s opera Götterdämmerung or, Twilight of the Gods.  In the Ring cycle this is the big event.  As, it would be a big event if the Greeks took their marbles and went home.  The House of the Gods (NYSE) is already shaking with the possibility.  The euro is in free fall.

Gold is in free fall.

The rats are leaving the sinking ship of Europe.  Where are they fleeing to?  Surprise.  The scorned dollar and T-bonds.

Here the dollar index is blasting off.

We will be making some trades in these markets shortly.

Oh, and if, like us you haven’t enjoyed being hammered lately think on the bright side.  You could be Jaime Dimon and down $2 billion.  Interesting, since we’re talking about Greece where the ultimate sin was hubris — a frequent sin of CEOs, and especially Dimon.

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