And now for something new and entirely different — lottery tickets

Gaily dancing through the daffodils and picking off the petals we felt like doing something crazy, so we went out and bought some lottery tickets.  We never buy lottery tickets in real life.  As they say, you have the same chance of winning the lottery whether you have tickets or not.  When we used to be an ingenero de sistemas computadoras in Mexico the programadores used to rope us into sharing a ticket with them.  The manager, a prince of a guy, and a Stanford man, called the lottery la impuesta idiota.  Or, the idiot’s income tax.  These lottery tickets we just bought may have the same chances but sometimes we just break out and do something crazy.  We blame it on our evil twin Karnak.  

So we bought a little bit of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ford, Silver and Gold.  The latter two are not really lottery tickets.  If you haven’t seen the charts — don’t look….

Fannie Mae.  Suicidal impluses.  Could easily go to zero.

Freddie Mac — what’s to lose?

Why have we done this insane thing?  We haven’t even set any stops.  As they say, we’re all in.  Our bet is very small and we think if you do something like this you should look on it as 100% risk, and just for fun.  On the other hand think how cool we might look in 5 years when we say casually, oh, yes, we bought Ford at 1.26.  It was an obvious play.

Oh, and we’ll like to introduce you to a fun game the Russians play with revolvers.

P.S.  The gold and silver were dead serious.

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