Everything including the kitchen sink

In general, or in PFC as we were saying, We are not stock handicappers.  As reason, note that never in history has an index done an Enron.  Betting on ETFs and indexes (indices) spreads the risk around.  Less profit.  Much less risk.  But in the spirit of Thanksgiving and the Christmas shopping season we thought we would throw a bunch of stocks on the shopping table and let our readers do their favorite thing — handicap stocks.  Also it is the season to make merry and buy lottery tickets.  The stocks charted and mentioned below are lottery tickets which we think might turn into investments, and there are dividends in some cases.  Now, remember.  We don’t tell stories about charts, so you’ll have to chase the fundamental stories on these yourself, or trust our reading of the chart.  First some energy ETFs:

PBW.  WilderHill Clean Energy.  Island gap reversal.  Politically correct.  Possibly profitable.

GEX.Global Alternative Energy.  Oversold, island gap reversal.

PUW.  Progressive Energy Portfolio.  Same pattern.

QCLN.  NASDAQ Clean Edge ETF.  Renewable Power generation portfolio.  Pattern look familiar?

All these are ETFs or the equivalents.  We will be looking at utility companies in a separate letter shortly: FPL, AEP, DUK.  If there are any left after Warren Buffet finishes buying them.


There are two ways to look at these issues — as lottery tickets with modest investments or as the first unit in of continuing commitments.  Unlike our other lottery tickets we would stop these longs using either a basing point stop under the low — 3 or 4% we’d say, or even a money management stop from the present price — say 7 or 8%.

The we would stay alert.  We (in this case meaning you and us) will want to watch how these issues behave when the present rally ends.  And it’s being the season of the psycho watch out for market tsunamis.  Remember any longs put on here are in the immediate aftermath of a hurricane — and it may not be the aftermath.  It may be the eye passing overus.

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