The Lone Ranger rides again.  Back in the ’60s when we were the installation engineer for the first major CDC computers in Mexico we were amused by the Mexican programmers and their take on “el llanero solitario” and his faithful Indian companion Tonto.  Of course in Spanish he couldn’t be named Tonto.  So he was called “Toro”.  Anyway yesterday we bought some silver.  This is what you would call a speculative buy, made as much out of an economic as a technical analysis.  “They” are firmly suppressing the price of gold, so the pressure is going to come out here.  Actually we think gold could be bought on the same basis, but unanlytical paranoia makes us think “they” might drive down the price of gold again before it takes off.  Remember, faithful reader companions, prick us awake when you see something which should be analyzed.  You are full partners in this enterprise.  Hi-yo….

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  1. alain

    The reason, as far as I understand, is in sales of Western Central banks. While the Chinese plan to add equivalent to 50% of the entire US gold reserves. Wait until they will start buying silver…

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