Bunch of ETFs. Check ’em out.


As everyone knows we are skeptical of the bear market rally.

But as everyone knows we are not skeptical of charts, and the charts of a bunch of ETFs are buyable.  As always stops should be well placed in case it’s all fool’s gold.  Technical stops are pretty broad in these cases because of the run up but you can always use a money management stop — in these cases we would think 5-8%

INP, illustrated is a good candidate from the international scene.  Others that look buyable to us are IAI, FXI (from Asia) MOO DBA QQQQ and USO.  Some of these we have commented on before.  The strength of these issues is building the bull case.  Nonetheless as we commented just recently we think the broad market is at a tipping point, and certainly the US economy is deeply vulnerable to the unemployment and foreclosure problems.  Frankly it amazes us that investors are driving up the market with these problems waiting to bite them.  But investors rarely listen to us.  If they had listened in January 2008 when we shorted the market they would have saved themselves a boatload of money.  Oh, well, a prophet is not without honor, except in his own country.

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