More lottery tickets… of a rare nature, these


090702avlto090702lycax090702resv090702sialAnyone who put a significant amount of his portfolio into these county race fair nags would deserve whatever he got.  In other words when we say lottery tickets we mean lottery tickets.  You buy a smidgen of each one and check back in five years.  If it’s worthless you tear up the $2 ticket and go on.  On the other hand if there is a rare earth metals and minerals crunch you might find you have hit a four bagger — or won the trifecta.  (Once again we create an entry for the Nobel category of mixed metaphors.)  If we were going to buy a ticket we would divide our ticket money into at least three tranches with the first going in now, and then we would wait for the present market situation to play itself out.  (A downwave, we think.)  If there is in fact  a pronounced downwave we will be looking to acquire some of these at lower prices.  We think these have been carried up by the general market uptrend since March, and will be carried down if there is some gravity operating here.


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