Hi yo…again…

090803slvListen, Tonto, how many times do we have to do this to get it right?  For our anglo phone readers Tonto means “stupid” in Spanish.  When we were the project engineer on computer installations in Mexico the Mexican programmers used to joke endlessly about it.  The Lone Ranger’s (el llanero solitario) companion is called Toro in Spanish.  It wouldn’t do for the LR to be saying, hey stupid, what should we do about these redskins?

Well, we’re a toro about silver and have been for some time.  There are buy signals here in silver and we’re going to pick some up for our personal accounts.  The stop is obvious, about 3% under the near low.

But just maybe this time we’ll just set aside a small amount of that position and let them do what they want to to the price and maybe that way we’ll finally get it right.  This would mean taking large price swings, but what the hi yo.

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