David vs. Goliath. CanE&M vs. Cangx.


We couldn’t resist the illustration.  We used to see this exact illustration in Sunday School.  David taking out Goliath with a sling.

An apt metaphor for our contest with IBD”s CANGX.

Just for the record, here is what we have done.  We opened an account at Etrade especially to record our horse in the race.  Because of general bureaucratic ineptitude (not ours — our was decision making ineptitude) we couldn’t get the account funded this week, so we put on some trades in our tdameritrade account, as recorded in our letters this week.  We will move them over to the Etrade account as soon as our electronic transfers are recorded.  Of course the fact that an electronic transfer cannot occur in real time is an indictment of the system.  They’re using the  float on our money, the shameless bastards.  So while the Etrade account will show higher buy prices for our trades the world will know the true prices.

All of our letters on our contest with IBD will be free.  Tell your friends.  Tell the WSJ.  Can one little old professor with a ruler defeat O’Neil and his minions?

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  1. daphnemarie@earthlink.net

    I think the Rulerslinging
    “little old professor” should give Goliath a handicap!

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