091110eebSome months ago we reviewed a basic list of ETFs, pointing out that a large group were buyable.  We just looked at this group again and found most of them not only still in uptrends, but probably buyable.  The best of these are probably EEB and FXE, but INP, IAI, FXI are reasonable — as is even (gag) RTH (we don’t like retail in general, and in fact try not to go into retail stores.)

These have had quite a run since our first mention.  Does that increase the risk?  Of course.  If only we had known that at the time we could have bought a lot more of them.  So what do you do when a trend has been running for awhile?  Make a smaller entry, identify a prudent stop and see what happens.  All life is an exercise in risk.  At least your stock position won’t be run over by a drunk teenager. (Maybe a drunk hedge fund manager.)

Some we looked at which left us lukewarm:  XLF, IWM, (especially lukewarm –lukehot?– XHB, USO XLF).

In general we comment on individual stocks for amusement and our gambling readers (we’re looking for a line on the 49er game on Thursday).  General investors we believe should concentrate in ETFs, especially the indices.  But on the other hand if you have inside knowledge (that is not prosecutable) or a sure thing let us know immediately.  That is we do believe in the hot speculative stock, especially when you know what you are doing.

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