FXE. GLD. Broken rules, broken trades

091204gldWe are hedging our silver and gold trades with 2x ETFs, GLL (gold) and  ZSL (silver) and taking handsome profits in PGM, platinum.

Yesterday we broke a rule to exit the FXE short euro trade, not waiting for our stop to be hit.  Bad timing. Time to short the euro.

Oh well, no one is perfect, which was what we had begun to think of ourselves.

It is worth remembering that when Roman generals had triumphal processions in Rome they had crouching under the windshield of their chariots a slave whose role was to repeat over and over again, “Remember, you are not a god.”

091204fxeAs we were saying, when this thing turns it will tear your head off.  There is no assurance whatsoever that this is the end, but that’s the way to bet right now.

More brilliant analysis later today.

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