Buy, buy, buy. Buy with both hands. Mortgage your house… do what?

100105spxAfter  a good night’s sleep and a fizzle of a Fiesta Bowl we looked at a bunch of markets and all we see are buy signals.  This is nothing but what we’ve been saying for months — like F:

100105fWe have triple digit returns in F and are adding on.  If you’re not and haven’t you will be taken out behind the woodshed and taught a lesson in trend analysis.

Even BAC.  BAC!  Even C (no chart) (will someone please pass us the scourge whip and the hair shirt?)  Readers are fully justified in finding a masochistic strain in us over C, but one of these days we’re going to be right about it.

100105bacIt would take you an hour to read all the charts, so we’ll just give you a list of some we liked.  But it doesn’t matter.  Just mortgage your house and buy at random.

What?  Your house is worth less than your mortgage?  How did that happen?  Did you ignore (or not know about our raving since 2005 about the bubble in real estate?  Didn’t know about our shorting the market in Jan 2008?   Didn’t know to take this letter with a pond full of salt? (We’re lucky our readers are so smart and know to take buy, buy buy as light irony)  Help, we lost the thread there and are reminded by our old high school English teacher that sentences are supposed to have a subject and a verb, but what the hey…

Where were we?  Oh, yes, a list of things we saw with buy signals —


If you buy this stuff and don’t put a stop under the nearest Basing Point don’t admit to anyone that you read this letter.

Most of these are add-ons and we’ve been seeing signals for months.  Your portfolios should be heavy with profits.  Tell your friends.  Write Mark Hulbert.  Tell all the hedge fund managers they should contact us and buy a ruler.

100104fxe(Remember, FXE, we said to sell sell sell this one.)

100104gldGold rush?  We’re not one hundred percent enthusiastic, but what the hey, it’s only money, not hay — and it is a buy signal.

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