Turn out the lights — party is over in $. Buy signals in GLD FXE



First of all there are no signals which are 75% accurate and dependable.  If there were there would be many undeserving people who would be undeservedly rich — mutual fund managers, hedge fund managers, Goldman traders, etc.

Wait.  If that is so how did those people just mentioned became undeservedly rich.  On the fees you and I paid them, dummies. (Duh, me too dummy.  We done been there.)  Also they lie cheat and steal and rip off the spread.

You do realize that mutual funds are not about making the investors rich (or even prosperous) but about making the managers rich off the fees.

But enough of socio-political and psuedo-economic analysis.

Buy signals have popped up in GLD and FXE so we are liquidating our long dollar positions and buying the FXE and more gold.

Remember.  Just because we do this doesn’t mean it is a recommendation for yourself.  You are the guardian of your portfolio, captain of your soul and master of your fate.

But what the hey.  You pays your money and you takes your chances.

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