March — in like a…



100301bacMust be spring –or close to it because we see buy signals all over the place today.  Ford looks to have definitely broken out, and we have been saying for months that it was ridiculously beaten down.  We will be adding on for our personal accounts.

The Qs are also popping up like daffodils.  Buyable — or in our case addable to.

Banc of America.  Doesn’t it just slay you — the pretension of those hillbillies in  Carolina?  (Banc, indeed.)  Outsmarted the hillbillies in San Francisco and stole our bank then Lewis ousmarted the SEC and the public and escaped with $63 MM of the public’s money as his severance payment, and you would like to hang them, but (sigh) this is about capital, not ethics so yes they are showing signs of buyability and will probably be a big winner over the long run.  In our personal portfolio.

These are not the only ones:  also NYC (a favorite)  CRIS (our bar tip) as well as the indices.

Most of these are add-ons as we have been long in general for months and see the recent grecian tragedy as just an excuse by the market mischief makers to create turmoil.  Maybe they’ll wind up in the same jail cell as Lewis and Senator Ben Nelson and those sweet folks at Goldman (who may have been arranging coups des estats).

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