Not over till the black swan sings…

100303tbtTaleb thinks everybody in America should be short bonds.  Prechter thinks everybody in America should be short the market.  Farrell thinks we should all shoot ourselves in the head after stuffing the mattresses (the mafia mattress tactic).

We think TBT has been less than cooperative.  We’ve bought it (paper and money) a couple of times as shown on the chart.  But the roaring trend has not materialized as yet.

You could buy it again here on a no-signal trade, because it is true that bonds will eventually blow up.

Other issues to play the bonds with: TMV PST TYO and TBF.  We looked at all of them and the truth is (the truthiness is) they’re all in wide swinging ranges.  But there is a gold mine here waiting to happen.  Wake us up when it starts.

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  1. alain

    Dear Prof. Bassetti
    What is the gold mine about?

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