A questionnaire.

Herein a questionnaire which will enable us to serve your interests better.  You can also download a PDF at http://www.edwards-magee.com/ggu/questionnaire.pdf

You can fill it out and scan it, the preferable method, or snail mail it.  Thanks.

john magee technical analysis::dor ltd

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Greetings and welcome to our readership.

Knowing something about you will allow us to serve you better.  So if it’s not a problem you might return this questionnaire with your answers and comments.

Interests: __Stocks __ Options  __ Bonds __Futures __ ETFs

My character as an investor:  __ Investor __ Trader  __  Speculator __ Gambler  __ Aggressive  __ Conservative  __ Short term  __ Mid term  __ Long term  __

Experience:  __ New  __ Some  __Very

Return Goal:  ___%  __ Beat the market  __  Match the market

Particularly interested in reading: ____________________________

Particular investment interest or particular stock _________________

My previous investment experience has been:  __Good  __ Average  __ Unhappy

I attribute this to______________________________


Best Regards

Charles Bassetti

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