Luck of Irish drives euro lower.

It appears to us that the euro has resumed its long term downtrend.  Whether it’s the fault of the Irish or Goldman Sachs or the Germans does not concern us, though we are certain that if they listened to us the European economy would be in a lot better shape.  But that is also true for the US economy, where Geithner never returns our calls.  And Congress ignores us.  Well, as the Spanish say, Living well is the best revenge.  For us trading on their incompetence is the best revenge.

You can short the euro directly or buy EUO the short euro ETF.

As Thanksgiving is just around the bend we can give thanks for life, freedom and turkey.  Happy Holiday.

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  1. alain

    nice run so far. But it seems that we should also be prepared for alternative scenarios. As long as the 1.25 level will not be off, several weeks of oscillation can be ahead of us. Next days should spell part of the answer. Thanks for your post.

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