BAC. Issues you love to hate…

The WSJ, that repository of Murdoch’s bile had amusing articles last year by Scott Adams, the cartoonist of Dilbert fame.  He noted that one of the criteria he used for his investments was whether he hated the company or not.  He bought companies he hated.  BAC certainly fits that criterion.  If not hateable for itself than the inclusion of MLPFS would qualify it.  BAC just agreed to buy back several billion $ of toxic mortgages.  Their executives should be required to physically eat them (without condiments) — all of them.  Instead their executives will cry all the way to the bank with obscene pay packages, instead of being guillteined as they would be in any decent society.

And, of course instead of headed for the toilet there are buy signals all over the place in BAC.  Two ways to stop it.  5% under the low of Monday.  3% under the wave low of 12/15, 12.28.

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