More year end review. Euro- FXE

No review would be complete without taking a look at our analysis of the euro — FXE.  AT 1 we shorted the euro — a near psychic trade.  We said at the time that a stop 2% over the top should protect the position.  The we got happy feet when we saw the power bar at 2 and ran.  But immediately thereafter we shorted again at 3.  We were spooked again at 4, ran, but immediately got back short.  While we were thinking like forex traders we repeatedly told readers to observe the Basing Points and stay short.  Of course we were spooked again at 5 bailed and then reestablished the short.  We again went sideways where marked on the chart when the exhaustion gap was closed.

If you had followed this analysis in the forex market you would have enough profits to buy facebook.  Or maybe seeing this record the next time we see a signal in the euro you’ll pile into it.  Just grit your teeth and follow the Basing Points instead of being a nervous Nellie and running every time a counter wave starts.

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