Gold in them thar hills. Bull dung in news and pundits…

These are buy signals in gold and silver.  So we are adding on to our positions in these issues.  In the meantime we are astounded, offended, distressed amazed bored and outraged at the never ending toxic sludge and unprocessed bull dung and horse pucky that spews out of the media septic tank.  The over optimistic septic tank this and the sentiment indicator that.  No wonder the honest investor and trader needs frequent doses of valium.  In any properly run planet we could take these people out and shoot them when their blathering is proven to be bird guano.  Of course they never have to suffer the consequences of their empty headed prognosticating.  They don’t actually have any money on the line.


This is an add-on signal for silver too.

NOTA BENE!!!  The present environment is especially treacherous.  So signals can well be misleading.  This means that long term trend following is especially important as contrarians could attack these issues at any moment.  This means traders must be alert to exit and reverse on a moment’s notice.  Trenders adding on might want to set a higher stop on the add-on units — say 5% under today’s low.

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